Innovative Solutions

Innovative Solutions focused

  • Technology & Solutions for Sustainable Agriculture Practices
  • Developed Various iPOP (Innovative Package of Practices ) for Various Crops
  • Develop Smart App for Agri Entrepreneurs
  • First Time Cultivation of Quinoa in Gujarat
  • Buyers Sellers Meet
Land Water Crop Animal Husbandry
Problem Low Fertility Salty water Growth Related

Pest Related

Cost Escalation

Immunity Problem

Hormonal Imbalance

Solution ·   Improving Soil Fertility

·   Micronutrients Supply

·   Salinity control

( Secondary Culture )

·   Converts Inorganic salts in to Organic salts

·   Enhances Bio-Availability

·   Improves oxygen availability

·   Improves microbial population

·    Better nutritional uptake

·    Pest control through nutrition management

·    Reduced cost upto 30%

·    Enhanced yield upto 30%

·   Improved milk production

·   Removes hormonal imbalance

·   Enhances metabolic rate for better health & better immunity

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